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Mika Tan Asian Porn

Asian Sexual Submission Is An Ancient Artform

Caged Asian cocksocket Mika Tan has been trained for years by porn studios and private relationships. She is an Asian consort always willing to fulfill her sexual responsibilities, the same way ancient Asian concubines pleased their Daimyos in the age of feudal Japan. When a Shogun or Samurai unsheathes his meaty sword, her pussy is the perfect scabbard for him to store it in as she oils his shaft and recharges his emotional reserves!

Mika Tan - Porn Video Download
Mika Tan Asian Porn Videos
Lucy Thai Asian Porn

The Tightest Ass Ever Made In Thailand

Most Asian pornstars are mixed breeds from a variety of beautiful genetic possibilities. Lucy Thai is one of the rare pure Thai twats working in the world of hardcore xxx entertainment. Her soft features, high cheekbones and distinct smile will remind many of exotic sexual vacations to the wondrous city of Phuket in Thailand. However, her tight asshole and the emotional noises Lucy Thai makes when you fuck her hard and deep will remind most fans of their hottest and wettest dreams!

Lucy Thai - Porn Video Download
Lucy Thai Asian Porn Videos
Lyla Lei Asian Porn

Asian Sexual Efficiency Is Her Speciality

Lyla Lei understands how important a man's time is and she is well aware that any delay or hesitation opening her holes is a shameful waste of her most precious resource. Today, to prove she is an efficient whore, Lyla Lei cracked open her pussy and ass so that two well-hung strangers could both use her body for sexual enjoyment at the same time. Lyla frequently gets double penetrated or gangbanged as a way to maximize the number of men she can please per day.

Lyla Lei - Porn Video Download
Lyla Lei Asian Porn Videos
Ava Devine Asian Porn

The Nastiest Asian Concubine

Calling a woman a filthy whore might offend her, but Ava Devine is not an ordinary woman. Ava is an Asian princess of porn who has proven in many films that she can not feel truly special unless she is being degraded, used and emotionally violated. The more you objectify Ava Devine, the wetter her pussy gets. Cum in her ass and tell her to taste your cock as you pull out of her bunghole... Ava believes that is a most thoughtful compliment. Go ahead, Turn up your sound and enjoy the world's nastiest Asian concubine.

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Ava Devine Asian Porn Videos
Asami Asian Porn

Two Asian Twats Honor Your Cock

Asami and Yumi are both Asian but they have very different ancestries. Watching them both focus on pleasing the cock of their male costar is proof that all whoriental women know the importance of sexual submission and emotional passion. It doesn't matter if they are Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Cambodian - Asian Emotion shows you that one Oriental cocksocket is just as willing and able to suck the cum out of your dick as any other slut from the Far East.

Asami - Porn Video Download
Asami Asian Porn Videos
Miko Lee Asian Porn

Her Mouth Carries More Cargo Than Her Pickup Truck

Miko Lee is a an Americanized whore but she still exudes the same sensual Eastern beauty as girls who live in the Far East. Her sexual performances overflow with passion and raw emotion like a lotus flower drooling the morning dew as the rising sun takes flight in the heat of summer. Watch the rare combination of delicate submissive personality and pure sexual aggression that have made Miko Lee one of the most popular pornstars of all time. Asian Emotion allows her to call out with unbridled ecstasy as her body convulses in one orgasmic tsunami after another. If you love Asian women but prefer they are familiar with American culture, Miko Lee is the perfect concubine for your fantasy sessions!

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Miko Lee Asian Porn Videos
Fujiko Kano Asian Porn

Durable As A Mountain & Delicate As A Flower

Wondering how many people have fucked Fujiko Kano? Here's a hint, the list would be a lot shorter if you tried to figure out how many people have not fucked Fujiko Kano! Her pussy, mouth and ass are holes as durable as any you will ever find. Even after hundreds of men have taken Fujiko for a hardcore ride and hundreds of women have soaked her in their glorious pussy juices, Fujiko Kano remains a delicate, soft and sweet Asian flower ready to bloom the moment she gets within a few miles of another cumshot. For Fujiko, your orgasm matters much more than any other aspect of her life.

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Fujiko Kano Asian Porn Videos
Arcadia Asian Porn

The Three Hole Arcadia

Mouth, Pussy and Ass. In the fine tradition of Oriental Buffet restaurants, Arcadia is willing to give her lover full access to all of the delicacies her body is capable of providing. She does not shy away when he wants to use her throat for deep oral sex, or close her legs when it is time to pound her pussy - and when he wants to get balls-deep in her asshole she is quick to smile because she knows her 'cum quat' desert will be served soon in a heaping hot load of his best jizz all over her sexy Asian face!

Arcadia - Porn Video Download
Arcadia Asian Porn Videos
Katsuni Asian Porn

Asian House Whore

When Katsumi was fresh off the boat, before she got famous, she was the perfect little house whore. Sitting around on the couch waiting for a couple of cocks to arrive - she didn't just wait and wonder where they were, watch how she warms up her holes and makes sure she is soaking wet so by the time men arrive ready to use her body she is preheated and ready to serve!

Katsuni - Porn Video Download
Katsuni Asian Porn Videos
Ava Devine Asian Porn

Cherry Blossom Pleasure

Look closely as Ava Devine opens her gaping ass for you. Notice the glorious cherry blossom between her cheeks as the folds of her rectal wall convulse to show their appreciation of the eleven inches of black dick that has been pumping her out all afternoon! Ava Devine appreciates cock, and even her asshole is capable of showing off how much she cares for huge dicks. Few sluts from the Far East can handle this much dick in their dumper, but Ava is a special kind of porn concubine!

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Ava Devine Asian Porn Videos
Nautica Thorn Asian Porn

Asians Lesbians Erotic And Exotic

Nautica Thorn And Mika Tan are a pair of Americanized Asian beauties. Their ancestry is from the Far East but these two pearls of the Orient were cultured in California. They're more outspoken than most indigenous whoreientals but for porn fans who prefer their cum targets to speak some English, these two lesbian Asians make up for their lack of exotic origin with their love of pussy and their desire to please anyone willing to watch them fuck their girlfriends!

Nautica Thorn - Porn Video Download
Nautica Thorn Asian Porn Videos
Finesse Asian Porn

Fucked Up The Ass With Finesse

Size is not important when it comes to Oriental assholes. As you can see from this amazing Asian porn scene, Finesse is willing to pucker up and take on ten full inches of black dick with her bunghole while the cameras film it from every angle imaginable. Watch the faces she makes as she strains to open herself up completely with a huge cock hanging out of her ass and a strong urban homeboy hammering away on her backside from below until he creampies her ass for her with a sticky jizz cumshot Finesse will never forget!

Finesse - Porn Video Download
Finesse Asian Porn Videos
Katsuni Asian Porn

French Cambodian Tuck You In Long Time

Katsumi explains in this video that her ancestry is part Cambodian and part French. It's her French side that makes her such a filthy whore according to Katsumi and her Cambodian side that makes her so beautiful. We think the total package is what makes her such a celebrated pornstar and the perfect choice for this Asian Emotion video update!

Katsuni - Porn Video Download
Katsuni Asian Porn Videos
Lucy Lee Asian Porn

Turning Herself Out

Lucy Lee used to date a dude who loved to watch her turn herself out at porn studios. In this emotional scene you can watch as the ring he gave her, which she was wearing on a chain around her neck, kept bouncing off her chin while she throated the ten inch black dick of her costar. It sure was generous of him to share his Asian slut with so many black men and the entire porn viewing public. Maybe that's what love is all about!

Lucy Lee - Porn Video Download
Lucy Lee Asian Porn Videos
Kianna Dior Asian Porn

Asian Women Love Older Men

Kianna Dior has the good fortune of having her luxurious pink pussy slips tongued by hall of fame pornstar Herschel Savage in this soapy hot tub suck and fuck! For centuries it was rare to find an Asian concubine with bit tits, but now thanks to modern medicine Dragonladies like Kianna Dior with big knockers and oriental sensibilities are a dime a dozen!

Kianna Dior - Porn Video Download
Kianna Dior Asian Porn Videos
Kimmy Asian Porn

Lesbian Warlord Kimmy Khaan

Who would have guessed that hundreds of years after the life of legendary warlord Genghis Khaan, the eventual descendants of his legacy would be getting filmed in Asian lesbian fuck films?! Kimmy Khaan is a California whore with roots tracing back to Mongoli, and she pursues Nyomi's vagina with the same vigor that her ancestors used when overcoming the Chinese Han Dynasty centuries ago!

Kimmy - Porn Video Download
Kimmy Asian Porn Videos
Yumi Asian Porn

Big In Japan

You've heard the expression plenty of times before, but this hardcore Asian sex scene gives a whole new meaning to going 'Big In Japan'! Ten inches of dark meat is stuffed into all three holes of popular Japanese porn princess Yumi. Listen to her compete with so much black cock up her ass, it almost sounds like the female fighting characters in popular martial arts based video games!

Yumi - Porn Video Download
Yumi Asian Porn Videos
Teanna Kai Asian Porn

Giving Him What He Wants

Teanna Kai has a very demanding boyfriend. Recently he told her that he wants to see her having sex with another women, more specifically with another very hot Asian woman! As Teanna explains, she knows it is her responsibility to please her man, and with some kind of porn Bushido code of honor - she does her duty bringing Bobbi Blair home for sex so he can watch... and so can you!

Teanna Kai - Porn Video Download
Teanna Kai Asian Porn Videos
Kammy Asian Porn

Tag-Team Asian Twat

Many Japanese women are shy and introverted. That's not true of Kammy. She has been fucked by so many men and women that now, one sex partner simply isn't enough for her greedy ass, mouth and pussy. Kammy has turned to porn movies as a way to get a steady supply of man meat and in this dynamic threeway her body is boned from both sides until she can't hold back her orgasms any longer!

Kammy - Porn Video Download
Kammy Asian Porn Videos
Keina Asian Porn

High Hard And Tight

Keina is an amateur surfer and a professional Asian porn slut. You can see her show off the skills she learned in the surf during this scene as she gets in a perfect crouch to ride high on a ten inch black dick that is hard enough to penetrate even the tightest Asian poon! How much cock can Keina really take? The world may never know because we have yet to find a dick too long or too thick for her to handle!

Keina - Porn Video Download
Keina Asian Porn Videos

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